Zoom HK - Best Healing Balm of All Times Healing balms

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HB’s – there are so many them around but  are they as good as they claim to be? We take a retrospective on these HB’s that have transcended through each generation and ultimately the test of time. Here are some of the most famed balms available around and if you are a beauty geek will be a must try (if not  already done so) and if they make it on your list – they’ll probably become a staple in your beauty cabinet somewhere!  Zoom HK A retrospective of best healing balms

MOA The green balm Great for an all rounder balm for anyone who is spends a little time in the outback, on the go, or have little ones around. For lightly chapped or flaking skin this works some wonders. This is great for when you have cold and have been blowing your nose too much, it’ll heal the chapped skin at the outer of the nose, and even on the inside (seriously it does). Lightly dab with q-tip