Behold the 'Daily Cleansing Ritual' £14.99...Inside each beautifully boxed product you’ll find a luxurious bamboo face cloth paired together with a tub of Moa the green balm to create the ultimate cleansing kit.

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Moa the green balm makes a wonderful facial cleansing balm, with a host of natural goodies for the skin, including anti-ageing, astringent and repairing yarrow to target black heads, tone and prevent wrinkles, anti-bacterial tea tree oil to fight skin blemishes, coconut and almond oils to soothe and nourish, soy bean oil an anti-oxidant to restore and balance, and finally beeswax to help protect the skin from the elements without clogging pores.

Moa the green balm is safe to use around the eyes and incredibly effective at removing makeup, even stubborn mascara. It also helps to balance the skin's oil content, so works well for both dry sensitive skin types as well as acne prone skin.

And to make the balm even more effective it’s paired with a luxury bamboo face cloth. Bamboo is not only beautifully soft, making it gentle on the skin, but it’s also naturally anti-bacterial. Furthermore, it’s also one of the most eco materials on the planet.