Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) was used by many Native American Indian tribes to avoid burns, treat skin conditions and ward off colds and fever...

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The Zuni Indians would chew the flowers and roots of yarrow, then rub the mixture over their bodies before participating in a ritual where hot coals were passed over their bodies and the Crow indians would make a poultice of the plant for burns. It is also said that a liquid was made of the plant and spread on their body before dancing in fire...please don't try this at home! No wonder Moa the green balm aids the healing process with minor burns and such like.
The Ojibwa would also use the leaves in a tea to cure headaches and skin problems, whilst Shoshoni indians used the flowers to treat itchy skin and applied a poultic of leaves to swellings and sores. Smear on a little Moa the green balm for the same herbal healing powers.
Praise to their beautiful ancient wisdom and knowledge of Mother Earth!

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