Another little Moa miracle we spotted - this lady used it on a sty which hadn't shifted for months until she tried Moa balm...

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So I decided to use Moa as my eye balm. At that point of time, I had a couple of sty on my right eye. 1 at the top lid and the other at the bottom. And after 3 days of using Moa, the sty on the top lid disappeared and the one at the bottom lid burst and is now healing rather nicely. And the sty on the top lid has been there for close to 3 months or so. I am pleasantly surprised. Also the Moa balm helps with my eyes' puffiness (used for 3 days). I like that very much!  On the green balm some have claimed that Moa can help fade burn scars and frostbites etc. My acne scars on the forehead have not even began to lighten despite using Ceutical's scar serum and potion twice daily. That was almost a month ago :( So I'm switching to Moa and see if it does anything.

If I'm merely using it for my eyes and acne scars, I think my little pot can last me a rather long time. Seriously, thanks Moa for helping me heal my sty!