This lovely review by The Detour 'Beauty Tried and Tested' made us chuckle...

Posted by Amelia Champion on

Moa Green Balm (50ml RRP £9.99) – This is a multi-tasking handbag must-have that no woman, let alone mum, should be without. It soothes bites, spots, scratches and stings, works as a cleanser, calms shaving rash, softens cold winter hands and dry skin and can even be diluted with hot water and gargled to alleviate sore throats.

 In fact, the only thing it doesn’t seem to do is boil the kettle and sacrifice itself ready for your service, and I’m sure it would do, if only it had arms with which to press the button! Completely natural and crammed with healing ingredients, from Sweet Almond to Yarrow and many things in between, this is a little handbag saviour.